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Historically these springs have been clothing optional.  It has been the US Forest Service accepted practice that nudity is tolerated within the Deep Creek drainage.  However, other agencies like Bureau of Land Management or the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department could try to enforce State anti-nudity ordinances on Federal land, but there have been no recent cases where this has occurred.  It is recommended that if possible you dress before encountering such officials, and definitely upon their request.

Some people like to hike the trails nude.  However, you should remember that many people in today’s society are not accustomed to public nudity and therefore you should try not to offend other people.   Keep your shorts or other clothing handy.  To wander nude into clothing compulsive territory may offend many, and undermine our objectives.  Please help by respecting their rights, as we would like them to respect our right to be nude in established clothing optional areas.  Transgressions may lead to complaints and us losing this right.  The hot springs you save by respecting these standards may be your own.

Remember that clothing optional is not a pretext for overt sexual activity.  Nude is not lewd but combined with sex, it undermines our image and could cost us our freedom and enjoyment of the hot springs.  We firmly believe that the springs are a healthy environment for your children and grandchildren.  Please help us keep it that way.


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