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Respect your fellow hotspringers and be polite to all by following the Deep Creek Hot Spring's etiquette.  These common sense Hot Springs standards of etiquette have been written with the intention of making your Hot Springs visits more enjoyable for you and your fellow hotspringers.

  • Respect other people’s privacy.  Many are at the Hot Springs for quiet time.  Please refrain from shouting.  Don't monopolize a person's time unless the welcome mat is out.  Recognize when you are unwelcome.

  • Do not bring glass containers.  Even though you can take the greatest of care, accidents do happen or someone else could accidentally bump into you.  No one wants their children to cut themselves on glass you brought in.

  • Pack it in, pack it out. There is no official trash collection at Deep Creek.  Just because we are doing our part to look after this beautiful place does not mean we are your trash collectors.  If you carried it down, you can carry it back up. It is recommended that you pack out a little more than you packed in. Unfortunately, not everyone packs all their trash out.  Remember cigarette butts and melted candles are trash as well.  Please do not leave them in the pools for others to take out.

  • Respect the environment.  Do not cut down trees or harm the wildlife and other vegetation you see at the springs or on the trails.  Do not add any class of chemicals to the water.  Help preserve the existing pool but do not build new ones.

  • Monitor your dogs.  Not everyone is a dog lover.  Please respect the feelings of others and restrain your pet if he/she is being a nuisance to others.  Many people do not appreciate a dog in the hot pools with them so please check with fellow hotspringers before allowing your dog into a pool.

  • Do not photograph people without their permission.  It is common courtesy to ask first.  Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger's photo album.  Never photograph any children but your own without their parents permission.

  • There are no bathroom facilities down at the springs.  Bring a small shovel and toilet paper for these purposes. Find a private place away from the creek, dig a hole, do your thing, and please cover it up with lots and lots of dirt.  The USFS standard guideline requires you to be 200 feet from the creek.  The sanitary condition of the springs and surrounding area is a concern to the authorities.  Do not give them an excuse to close them down.  Please remember that toilet paper is trash as well, please pack it out or bury it deep.

·    Speak up for our standards.  If a person seems unaware of Hot Springs etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly.  Don't let uncouth individuals jeopardize the future of Deep Creek or ruin our fragile and beautiful place under the sun.

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