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Deep Creek Volunteers is a volunteer organization that exists to preserve and protect Deep Creek Hot Springs, as they exist today, for our children and grandchildren.  We believe these hot springs should be open and available to all, clean, healthy, clothing optional, family oriented, with the intention of bringing people together in a sense of community and in harmony with the natural environment.  We hope to achieve this through the volunteer work of our members, the education of its users, and by coordinating and cooperating with our local private and public entities.

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Our objectives include:

         Preserve the public's right to access the springs.
         Work with the USFS to help reduce the impact that visitors have on this area.
         Communicate the USFS regulations regarding the use of this area.
         Inform visitors of our local customs and common sense expectations.
         Preserve the clothing optional custom by educating visitors on the appropriate etiquette.
         Establish a network of caring hotspringers that can be contacted if these springs are threatened with closure.


These natural hot springs are located in the San Bernardino National Forest. The pools were built by volunteers over a period of years and are largely maintained by volunteers in the pristine state you see them in today. The beautiful and unique landscape, the soothing hot spring waters mixing with the cool mountain stream, local custom and tradition make for a wonderful clothing-optional setting to be enjoyed by all. Since the time Native Americans inhabited the area, people from all over the world have come to the Springs to get away, soak, sunbathe, relax, and enjoy the natural environment all year long.  

Our group is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the Springs and our right to enjoy it, by reducing the impact of increased visitation through volunteer cleanup efforts, educating the public about various United States Forest Service (USFS) regulations, as well as encouraging a level of visitor etiquette compatible with the goal of preserving the springs as it is enjoyed today.

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